CGovernment regulations are constantly changing. This often leaves financial service companies in need of legal advice. Regulatory law comes in many shapes and sizes including,
but not limited to:
  • Anti-trust and Competition legalities
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Rulings
  • FINRA Compliance Standards
  • Privacy and Data Security Compliance
  • Environmental Regulations
  • Crisis Management

Gustafson Nicolai PC collaborates with experts from a wide-array of enforcement professionals. From past SEC enforcement attorneys to FINRA regulators, we bring in the best and brightest minds to assess risk and address regulatory legal challenges.

Many regulatory law practices in Los Angeles take a reactive approach to enforcement issues. Our team of specialized attorneys prefers to stay practical and proactive when guiding clients through the maze of government contracts, federal and state prosecution, and administrative affairs. Our clients turn to us to represent them in white-collar defense issues, public procurement concerns, energy regulation, land use and development contacts, and guidance with derivatives and commodities.

Because of our vast regulation and enforcement history, Gustafson Nicolai PC is prepared to craft real-world strategies that minimize legal exposure. If you or your company is attempting to navigate a complex regulatory legal matter, don’t go it alone. A member of our regulatory legal team would gladly consult with you to assess risk and offer possible solutions.