Real Estate

We work with clients across the spectrum of Los Angeles real estate legal matters. First-time home buyers and seasoned investors alike will walk away impressed by Gustafson Nicolai PC’s extensive body of knowledge. Our team follows emerging real estate legal trends and advises clients on how to navigate current and future changes. We are fully staffed to handle all types of residential real estate transactions, including short sales, efficiently and expeditiously. Clients that work with Gustafson Nicolai PC will never be left wondering if his or her house is going to close. Our staff is focused on personal attention and responsiveness, something big box legal firms simply cannot deliver.

Do you represent a homeowner’s association? Our firm offers assistance with covenants, conditions & restrictions (CC&Rs), Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, owner and tenant violations and collection of assessments, liens and foreclosures, and other issues governed by the Davis-Stirling Act.

Commercial real estate clients from around the LA metro area make Gustafson Nicolai PC their first call when considering a deal. From simple planning phases to complex lease negotiation, our real estate attorneys execute iron-clad documents quickly and affordably. Real estate lawyers in Los Angeles are a dime a dozen, so don’t get fooled by slick ads and coconut water in the waiting room. Gustafson Nicolai PC has been executing critical real estate contracts for decades and doesn’t rely on gimmicks to get clients. Our reputation for arriving at the closing table prepared so you can capitalize on the best deal possible, speaks for itself.