Judgement Enforcement

Judgement collection attorneys use sophisticated methods to uncover assets and income streams that are then used to satisfy court-ordered delinquencies. Our staff of asset recovery specialists will work with credit bureaus, government agencies, and cutting-edge information vendors in order to satisfy judgements against those that refuse to pay. Gustafson Nicolai PC handles all kinds of civil judgement enforcement in and around Los Angeles. Whether it is a child support matter or a criminal restitution, our team of legal investigators will work tirelessly to meet fulfill your judgement.

As soon as we discover the assets and/or income streams we need, we will begin the legal enforcement process for your default judgement. The attorneys in our firm understand the powers afforded under the law and will use judgement collection methods including, but not limited to:

Asset Seizure
This tactic involves repossessing real property like cars, jewelry, and real estate, selling them, and using the proceeds to satisfy your judgement. If the debtor is hiding behind illegitimate corporations, we will “pierce the corporate veil” in order to prove the business entity was strictly created to hide assets.

Account Levies
Our team gets access to debtor account information through subpoenas. Then it traces transactions back to other accounts where the debtor could be hiding funds. Funds are seized, judgements are fulfilled.

Lien Attachment
If an asset cannot be seized outright, a lien is often attached to it. When the debtor goes to sell the asset, the judgement will be paid with sale proceeds.

Wage and Income Garnishment
One of the most common forms of judgement repayment options is to garnish, or take, a portion of the debtor’s earnings.

Frequently we are able to seize assets and satisfy judgements within a matter of days. With ever-changing debtor shenanigans, our attorneys make it a point to stay up-to-date on the latest government rules and regulations concerning asset and income seizure. The person you are trying to recover from may believe he or she is sneaky, but Gustafson Nicolai PC has moves of its own.

The legal system believed you should be made whole again, which is why Gustafson Nicolai PC is dedicated to recovering delinquent judgements for Los Angeles residents. If you are feeling helpless against a debtor’s unwillingness to pay, please do not hesitate to contact our office for a free, no-obligation consultation. Our judgement collection services are affordable with no up-front costs to you, our valued client.