Gustafson Nicolai Celebrates 2 Years!

May 31, 2016 Uncategorized

In June 2016, Gustafson Nicolai pc is celebrating 2 years in business. We are extremely proud of our record. Over the course of our first two years of existence, we have, among other achievements:

  1. Obtained a $2.3 million judgment on behalf of a wine company client in a litigation matter in San Diego, CA.
  2. Successfully defended and settled favorably a lawsuit against our client, a local, trendy bakery and restaurant, alleging violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  3. Tenaciously advocated for and defended a financial advisor and financial services company being investigated by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC subsequently dropped its investigation.
  4. Achieved a dismissal of a criminal complaint against our client alleging battery.
  5. Enforced a sister-state judgment from Texas on behalf of a client from Houston whereby we were able to cooperate with a Texas court-appointed Receiver to levy the bank accounts of the judgment debtor (now residing in California) and then effectuate a settlement with regard to the remaining amounts owed by the judgment debtor to our client.
  6. Negotiated and settled multiple personal injury matters involving automobile accidents.
  7. Assisted fast-food franchisee clients in negotiating and eliminating their debts with a large financing corporation; we also assisted these same clients in selling one of their franchises for a large sum of money and helping them avoid having the franchise forcibly taken from them in an unlawful detainer action.
  8. Defended and settled a dog bite matter for a small fraction of what the plaintiff “victim” was claiming in damages.
  9. In a pro bono matter, defended and successfully negotiated a plea deal for a criminal defendant accused of residential burglary and receipt of stolen property in which the defendant received probation and an opportunity upon successful completion of his probation term to reduce the felony charges to a misdemeanor and then expunge the matter.
  10. Assisted multiple clients in forming corporations and advising them on issues affecting their startup companies.
  11. Worked in tandem with other law firms to successful resolve several securities matters involving FINRA arbitrations and regulatory inquiries and investigations.
  12. Assisted and advised a client in forming her own Registered Investment Advisory firm.
  13. Successfully assisted several clients in aggressively pursuing collections matters and then managing and enforcing settlement agreements and collecting amounts owed to our clients.
  14. Advised homeowners association (HOA) clients on multiple matters affecting their communities and Boards of Directors.
  15. Applied for and successfully obtained multiple trademarks for various clients.
  16. Advised a pharmaceutical company on multiple legal and regulatory issues.
  17. Aggressively litigated and defended an OB/GYN client against a plastic surgeon alleging breach of sublease. We were able to settle the matter for approximately 10 cents on the dollar, and the plastic surgeon was seeking half a million dollars in damages.
  18. In a criminal matter involving a felon in possession of a loaded firearm who had an extensive prior criminal record, we were able to negotiate an offer from the district attorney for less than 3 years imprisonment rather than the 7 years mandated by the sentencing guidelines.
  19. In another pro bono criminal matter, we were able to negotiate a plea deal involving battery and vandalism charges wherein our client pled no contest to the less serious vandalism charge and can have the matter dismissed upon one year of “good behavior” involving no further trouble with the law.
  20. Advised and assisted a client in connection with having her ex-spouse’s name removed from the title to a timeshare pursuant to a divorce decree.
  21. Defended a financial advisor in connection with regulatory inquiries and investigations by FINRA, the California Department of Business Oversight, and the Departments of Insurance of multiple states.
  22. Helped an insurance agent save his license after the California Department of Insurance brought an administrative complaint against him.
  23. Settled a matter against a financial advisor on behalf of an investor in which the financial advisor had made unsuitable recommendations and investments in our client’s retirement accounts and churned the account, causing the account to suffer devastating losses.

At Gustafson Nicolai pc, we are excited about our accomplishments on behalf of our clients to date. Please let us know how we can help you with any of your legal issues. We look forward to assisting you.

We also thank all of our colleagues, family and friends for their support. Our success to date would not be possible without all of you.

Posted by Adam C. Nicolai, Esq. and Ryan Gustafson, Esq., May 31, 2016