Erin Andrews Seeks $75 Million in Peephole Incident Lawsuit

October 25, 2015 Uncategorized

“Dancing with the Stars” co-host and Fox Sports broadcaster Erin Andrews is seeking $75 million in a new lawsuit regarding a “peephole” incident in 2008. Andrews claims that she was a victim of invasion of her privacy when her stalker, Michael Barrett, was put into the hotel room immediately adjacent to her room. It is alleged that the employees at the Marriott hotel in Nashville, Tennessee leaked her hotel room number and facilitated Mr. Barrett’s acts. Barrett watched Andrews and filmed her in the nude through a peephole in the hotel room door.

Mr. Barrett was later sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison after admitting he stalked Andrews in three different cities, rented hotel rooms next to her, altered peepholes and filmed her in two locations in Columbus, Ohio and Nashville. The videos were later released and posted on the Internet, where they went viral.

Andrews is now suing Marriott International, Barrett, and multiple other hotel chains. She is suing for invasion of privacy, negligence, and emotional distress after the hotel allowed Barrett to book a room next to hers. Andrews claims in the new lawsuit, filed October 13, 2015, that she suffers from “severe and permanent emotional distress” and “embarrassment.” Marriott declined to release any statements on this matter.


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