Some of the Firm’s clients include:

  • A publicly-traded, national broker-dealer firm with more than 14,000 financial advisers and approximately 700 financial institutions
  • An OB/GYN
  • A Burger King franchisee who owns several Burger Kings in the Los Angeles area
  • A manufacturer and seller of fruit wine products
  • A futures trader
  • Two different ministries
  • An ecommerce company in the business of marketing and selling “upcycled” products
  • Two HOAs in the local area
  • A wholesale fruit and vegetable company
  • A pharmaceutical company specializing in pain relief products
  • A corporation specializing in employing English teachers in Japan
  • A financial services company and its advisors, who specialize in sales of fixed index annuities
  • A chartered financial analyst and her company, which provides research to broker-dealers and institutional investors regarding current financial patterns and trends in the fashion retail industry
  • An Australian retail apparel company breaking into the United States market
  • An Australian and American motorcycle company
  • A manufacturer and retailer of electric bicycles
  • A life insurance brokerage firm
  • A business specializing in brokering private jet charters
  • Numerous victims of investment losses, financial fraud, personal injury, and other illegal conduct

The attorneys at Gustafson Nicolai pc have extensive experience representing a wide variety of individuals and businesses with their legal needs.  Please contact us with any legal matter you have, and we can assist you directly, refer you to an appropriate specialist, or otherwise lend a helping hand in achieving a favorable resolution to whatever legal hurdles you are facing.