Are You Facing Huge Fines and Penalties in Connection with Toll Evasion Charges?

January 1, 2015 Uncategorized
The attorneys at Gustafson Nicolai pc have witnessed an increasing amount of incidences in which freeway motorists are being charged with toll evasion on the Interstate Highway Express Lanes.  We recently defended an individual accused of multiple toll evasions by the Orange County Transportation Authority pursuant to driving activity on the 91 Freeway.  The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority also has Express Lanes, and we have come across situations in which drivers of the 110 Freeway are receiving similar notices of toll evasion violations. While the tolls themselves seem minuscule, the penalties add up quickly if you do not pay the toll charges promptly.  Just as an example, we have seen situations in which the total toll charges amounted to only $270, but where the total amount alleged owing was over $15,000 due to fines and penalties in connection with an alleged failure to pay the toll charges promptly. There certainly seems to be something inherently unfair about these cases, and we are investigating possible class action claims on behalf of motorists.  We understand that there may have been similar class action litigation in the past.

Please contact us if you are facing collection actions by county transportation authorities in connection with toll evasions and we will defend you tenaciously as well as investigate possible claims on your behalf.

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January 1, 2015